Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture

Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture


The College offers a three year Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture.

The above subject modules cover both practical and theory lessons.  During the course of training, students undertake a one-month (Certificate programme) and two-month (Diploma programme) field attachment programme during which time they work in and get acquainted with the real field situation.

Areas covered include the following;

  •     Basic Engineering  Science
  •     Chemistry
  •     Introduction to Computing
  •     Mathematics
  •     Communication Skills
  •     Zoology
  •     Ecology
  •     Botany
  •     Farm Accounts
  •     Soil science
  •     Crop husbandry
  •     Animal Husbandry
  •     Forest Science
  •     Intergrated  Land use planning
  •     Statistics
  •     Research Project
  •     Extension Methods and Rural sociology
  •     Industrial attachments
  •     Integrated Water Resources Management
  •     Agro forestry   Systems and Technologies
  •    Economics
  •     Biodiversity  Conservation
  •     Research Methodology
  •     Project Management
  •     Horticulture
  •     Conservation Farming